Meet Medieval Model : Sam Alvey's Wife McKey Sullivan

    About Sam Alvey

  • The American professional MMA fighter Sam Alvey (aka Smile'n) was born on May 6, 1986 (age 34) in Waterford, Wisconsin, U.S. His height is 6 ft 2 in (1.88 m) and his weight is 206 lb (93 kg; 14 st 10 lb). His birth sign in Taurus and religion is Christianity.
  • Sam Alvey And McKey Sullivan The Beauty And The Beast
    Sam Alvey And McKey Sullivan The Beauty And The Beast

    Sam Alvey's Family And Childhood

  • Sam Alvey had loving parents who always supported him. In fact, his father even gave him some great advice which he uses for both his life and his fighting strategy. He has one brother who is 13 years older and a younger brother who is a year and 20 days younger than him. Growing up, he was always involved with a sport and is a very talented musician.
  • Sam Alvey's Education

  • Sam Alvey attended Waterford Union High School, where he competed in football and wrestling and was also a talented musician. Alvey played trumpet in the school's marching band. He went on to Lakeland College to play the trumpet semi-professionally. In college, Alvey began competing in pankration.
  • Who is Sam Alvey's Wife

  • Sam Alvey's wife is McKey Sullivan, with whom he has five children. He was in a long term relationship with her before he proposed. She is his only serious girlfriend and wife that we know of. Seems like Alvey has settled down, folks.

  • About Sam Alvey's Brittany McKey Alvey

  • Brittany "McKey" Alvey (née Sullivan), Sam Alvey's wife, was born on September 9, 1988, in Lake Forest, Illinois. The 32-year-old is an alumnus of Lake Forest High School and attended Ripon College where she majored in government and chemical biology and was a member of Alpha Delta Pi sorority. Sam and McKey met in 2005 at the Bristol Renaissance Faire where he was working. On August 7, 2011, after 4 years of dating, Sam Alvey proposed to McKey Sullivan. They got married on January 19, 2013, at the Wilderness Hotel in Wisconsin Dells. They currently live together in their Murrieta, California, United States-based home with their large family.
  • About McKey's Profession

  • McKey Sullivan is a professional model. The 6 feet tall blonde beauty has a medieval sense of fashion, inspired by the Bristol Renaissance Faire, where she met her husband. Sullivan got into modeling when she tried out for Elite Model Look and won the regional division of the competition. Since then, she has appeared on the covers of many well-known fashion magazines like Seventeen, as well as runways. She also trains for MMA along with her husband.

  • Sam Alvey's Kids

  • Sam Alvey and McKey Sullivan have a huge family with five kids. McKey gave birth to a daughter, Reagan Quincy Alvey in July 2013. They also have a son, Ival, born in October 2014.
  • Sam Alvey's Random Facts

  • There are no rumors about Sam Alvey or McKey Sullivan. Both of them have active social lives, and by all accounts their personal family life is great.
  • Sam Alvey's Net Worth

  • Sam Alvey has an estimated net worth of $3.5 million.
McKey Sullivan During A Photoshoot
McKey Sullivan During A Photoshoot
Sam Alvey S Girlfriend McKey Sullivan
Sam Alvey S Girlfriend McKey Sullivan

McKey Sullivan With Her Five Kids
McKey Sullivan With Her Five Kids