Who is B.J. Penn's Girlfriend?

    B.J. Penn's Quick Intro

  • The Prodigy, Jay Dee "B.J." Penn III was born on December 13, 1978, in Kailua, Hawaii, United States. The 42-year-old American has a height of 5 ft 9 in (175 cm) and weighs in about 171 lb (78 kg; 12 st 3 lb). His birth sign is Sagitarrius.
  • Penn And Shealen Uaiwa During Happier Times
    Penn And Shealen Uaiwa During Happier Times

    B.J. Penn's Family And Childhood

  • B.J. Penn's parents are Jay Dee Penn, an Irish-American, and Loraine Shin, a Korean-American. His nickname "B.J." is a shortened version of another nickname "Baby Jay", which itself derives from the fact that Penn is the youngest of his brothers, all named "Jay Dee Penn". B.J. Penn takes much pride in his Hawaiian upbringing, and identifies strongly with his Korean roots. Penn began training in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu at the age of 17. His trainer was his neighbor, Tom Callos. Later, he moved to San Jose, California, and started training in MMA.
  • B.J. Penn's Education

  • B.J. Penn attended Hilo High School in Hawaii.
  • B.J. Penn's Ex-Girlfriend Shealen Uaiwa

  • B.J. Penn's girlfriend was the Hawaiian native, Shealen Uaiwa. He was in a 10-year relationship with her and also has two children. He publicly said that they have never married and "it doesn't matter that much in Hawaii." Shealen Uaiwa is the only serious girlfriend B.J. Penn has had, but sadly things went south.

  • Who is Shealen Uaiwa

  • B.J. Penn's girlfriend, Shealen Uaiwa, or shall we say ex-girlfriend, was born and brought up in Maui, Hawaii. Even though they were in a decade-long live-in relationship and had two children together, the true nature of the relationship was exposed to the public in 2019, after Shealen Uaiwa obtained a restraining order against her partner. Sheen Uaiwa has accused B.J. Penn of verbal and sexual abuse, which has apparently been going on for quite a few years. B.J. Penn was also accused of threatening her family with physical violence in front of his children. He was also accused of being a cocaine addict by multiple sources, including his girlfriend, and also exposing his daughter to cocaine inadvertently. The restraining order is set to expire on Oct. 8, 2021.
  • About Shealen's Professional

  • The gorgeous brunette, Shealen Uaiwa is a professional model, based in Hawaii.

  • B.J. Penn's Kids

  • B.J. Penn and Shealen Uaiwa have two daughters Aeva Lili’u and Kulia. His relationship with his kids is rocky though. According to sources, his kids hate his guts, and would “rather jump off our balcony at our home than hang out with her father,” as reported by their mother.
  • B.J. Penn's Random Facts

  • B.J. Penn has been involved in quite a few assault and DUI charges. On February 7, 2020, Penn was involved in a single-car accident. He has been involved in multiple bar brawls in 2015 and 2019 in Hawaii. He has been accused of being a cocaine addict since the age of 14, who uses training camps to stay sober. He was also the subject of a Paternity Lawsuit in relation to his daughter, Mahina Amado, approximately a year after the girl's birth.
  • B.J. Penn's Net Worth

  • B.J. Penn has a current estimated net worth of $22 million.
Penn Girlfriend The Hot Shealen Uaiwa
Penn Girlfriend The Hot Shealen Uaiwa
Penn With His Girlfriend And Kids
Penn With His Girlfriend And Kids

The Hawaiian Beauty C Shealen Uaiwa
The Hawaiian Beauty C Shealen Uaiwa