What happened to Stewart Cink and his wife Lisa Cink: Family Bio

Stewart Ernest Cink is an American professional golfer who won the 2009 Open Championship. He has spent over 40 weeks in the top 10 of the Official World Golf Rankings from 2004 to 2009. In April 2021, Stewart Cink had a record-breaking week with the third RBC Heritage title. In this post, we will describe briefly- Stewart Cink's personal life, family, wife Lisa Cink, and his children.


  •  The American professional golfer Stewart Ernest Cink was born on May 21, 1973, in Huntsville, Alabama, and grew up in nearby Florence, where he attended Bradshaw High School. After completing high school in 1991, he graduated from Georgia Tech in Atlanta in 1995 with a degree in Management. 
  • Cink joined professional golf in 1995. After winning the Mexican Open and 3 vents on Nike Tour (Now web.com Tour) in 1996, he attended the PGA Tour in 1997. He was so talented at that time that he also won the Canon Greater Hartford Open in his first season. In his career, he has won 7 PGA Tour titles, including the 2009 British Open. 

  • Stewart Cink's Relationship Status

  • Stewart Cink is currently married to his longtime girlfriend Lisa. The couple got married in 1993. The two are spending happy family time in Duluth, Georgia. 
Lisa And Stewart Cink
Lisa And Stewart Cink

    How The couple met?

  • It was nearly 30 years ago when Stewart and Lisa Cink met when they were in high school in Florence, Alabama. They had a class together, and he sat at the desk behind her. At the time, Stewart was dating one of the girls on Lisa's softball team. In fact, he dated several of her friends. "I would try to set him up," Lisa says. "I liked him. I thought he was fun and nice and all that. And it was all great until he dated one of my best friends our senior year. 
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  • After high school, they parted ways. Stewart went off to Georgia Tech while Lisa chose to attend Auburn. "When we were apart, it was apparent this was more than a friendship," Stewart said. He adored her "intense sweetness" and she loved the way he fully dives into life. "She's an easy person to love because she really loves other people," he said. "He dated a lot of my friends, actually, which was interesting," Lisa says – and the two eventually ended up in a class together where they became better acquainted. -
  • Two years into their college education, Stewart Cink's wife Lisa Cink transferred to Georgia Tech to be closer to Stewart. Their friendship blossomed into romance at Georgia Tech, and the two married at age 20. 
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  • They have one son, Connor, who was born while the couple was still in college. Two years after that, their second son, Reagan, was born. As the couple's kids grew up in Atlanta, it was Lisa who carried the heavy load at home while Stewart was away. 
  • What Happened to Stewart Cink's wife Lisa

  • Stewart Cink's wife Lisa Cink has kept her life private from others she hasn't shared any movement of her life with the media. Lisa is the one who carried the heavy load of the Cink family. 
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  • Lisa Cink was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2016. In an interview, he said that it’s in remission, but it was in Stage IV when they found it, so she’s on indefinite treatment. In the answer to the question, "How has Lisa’s cancer struggle changed your life?" He replied, "
You hear someone has been diagnosed with breast cancer and is in remission, but that doesn’t tell enough of the story. You can’t grasp all the peripheral things that take a toll. I try to mentor the caregivers I meet because I’ve been through that. It’s constantly two steps forward, three steps back. You think you are doing a good job, and you’re just not. It’s the simple stuff that no doctor or anybody else — except those who have been through it — tells you about. Amy Mickelson was a great source of that for us. She beat breast cancer, and she told Lisa, ‘You’ll have cape days where you feel like Superman, and you’ll have cave days where you don’t want to get out from under the covers — don’t be afraid of either.’ A lot of things you learn that you don’t think you’ll ever have to learn. Sometimes being brave means admitting how unbrave you feel.”
  • Stewart Cink shared in an interview, "My wife and I both had COVID in March 2020. 
  • On July 15, 2021, Clink shared that his wife's cancer fight has been hit by a new “scare”. He told in the Mirror, "She is in the middle of a little period of uncertainty right now that we just learned.  about last week. Hopefully, this is just a little scare and we will know more in about two months. But for now she is doing well and we have a lot of faith and confidence in her medical team. She is not going to be out of the woods for really the rest of her life. "
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    Stewart Cink's Family and Children

  • Stewart Cink and his wife Lisa Cink have two sons, Connor and Reagan. The couple got home in Duluth, Georgia. 
  • After the victory at RBC Heritage in 2021, Cink hugged his son and caddie, Reagan, after his closing par on the 18th green. He, his wife Lisa, and their other son, Connor, all had their arms around each other to celebrate.

Stewart Cink Net worth

Stewart Cink has a net worth of $18 million. His career earnings as of 2020 are right around $40 million. Read More: Who is Emiliano Grillo Girlfriend?

How Old are Stewart and Lisa Cink?

Lisa Cink and Stewart Cink met when they were in high school. Stewart Cink is now 47 years old, so we can assume Lisa Cink is somewhere near 47 years old. 

How Old are Connor and Reagan Cink?

Connor graduated from high school in 2012. As of 2021, Connor is 27 years old and Reagan is 23 years old. 
Lisa And Stewart Cink With Their Two Sons
Lisa And Stewart Cink With Their Two Sons
Lisa Cink
Lisa Cink

The Father Son Relationship Has Turned Into Player Caddie Relationship
The Father-Son Relationship Has Turned Into Player Caddie Relationship