Fred Couples' Current Girlfriend Midge Trammell: Wife Bio

    Fred Couples' Short Bio

  • Frederick Steven Couples was born on 3 October 1959 in Seattle, Washington. His parents are Tom and Violet Couples. His paternal grandparents immigrated from Italy and changed the family name from "Coppola" to "Couples".His father was a groundskeeper for the Seattle Parks Department and the family, which included brother Tom, Jr., and sister Cindy, lived in a modest house on Beacon Hill near the city's Jefferson Park golf course, Couples attended O'Dea High School in Seattle and graduated in 1977. He accepted a golf scholarship to the University of Houston.
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    Fred Couples' current girlfriend Midge Trammell

    Meet Fred Couples' girlfriend Midge Trammell

  • Fred Couples' current girlfriend Midge Trammell, aka the Blonde Whisperer, was born in San Antonio and began her styling career in 2005. She has rocked the styling world from Dallas to Austin for the past thirteen years not only with her scissors but her amazing laugh and infectious personality. 
  • When she's not at the salon, she can be seen prancing around Austin in a pair of her trademark heels and checking out the latest restaurants with friends. She exudes style and truly loves giving the client exactly what they want.
  • Midge joined the elite team of stylists at Mirror Mirror in 2013 and has truly risen to be a senior stylist with talent that will blow you away. Her signature foiling techniques and "Texas blowouts" keep blondes coming back in numbers. It's not just blondes sitting in her chair, Midge has a bustling clientele of Austin's most stylish men and women with all types of hair.
  • Fred Couples' Previous Marriage History

  • Couples got married to his first wife Deborah ended in 1992. They had met as students at the University of Houston in 1979. The divorce was finalized in 1993, and she later fell to her death in May 2001, ruled a suicide by the Los Angeles City coroner's office. 
  • Couples' estranged second wife, Thais Baker, died from breast cancer on February 17, 2009. They had married in 1998 and the union was childless.
  • He doesn't have any children with any of his ex-wives. 
  • The sad thing about his married life is not just separation but also the death of both his ex-wives. His first wife, Deborah committed suicide on May 26, 2001, jumping off from the roof of the Kresge Chapel, 70 feet above the ground. 
  • His second wife though had a medical condition behind her demise. She was diagnosed with breast cancer which eventually took her life in 2009. Apart from his two failed marriages, he was in two public relationships too. 
  • He dated Nadine Moze in 2014. Before that, Midge Trammell used to be his girlfriend. Caption: Fred Couples still kicking strong and hitting hard at Augusta National, April 2017.

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Fred Couple Thais Baker
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