The two love birds: Hasan Ali and his wife Samiya Arzoo

Hasan Ali, the talented Pakistani cricketer, has made a name for himself on the international stage. Known for his impressive bowling skills, Ali has become a key player for the national team. However, there is more to Hasan Ali than just his cricketing career. In this article, we will explore Hasan Ali's personal life, focusing on his relationship with his wife, Samiya Arzoo, and other aspects of his family and personal life.

Hasan Ali's Early Life and Family

Hasan Ali was born on July 2, 1994, in Mandi Bahauddin, Punjab province, Pakistan. Coming from a middle-class family, Hasan was always passionate about cricket from a young age. He had the full support of his family in pursuing his dream of becoming a professional cricketer.

Hasan Ali's father, Abdul Aziz Malhi, has been a great source of inspiration for him. His family encouraged his interest in cricket and supported him in his journey. Hasan Ali has always been grateful for the guidance and support he received from his family.

Hasan Ali's Relationship Status

Hasan Ali is a happily married man. He tied the knot with Samiya Arzoo in Dubai in 2019. Samiya is an Indian girl from Haryana who works as a flight engineer with Emirates Airlines. The couple met each other through a common friend in Dubai and instantly felt a connection. After dating for over two years, Hasan Ali decided that Samiya was the one he wanted to spend his life with.

Hassan Ali With His Wife Samiya Arzoo And Daughter Helena Hassan Ali
Hassan Ali With His Wife Samiya Arzoo And Daughter Helena Hassan Ali

Their wedding ceremony took place in Dubai, and both families were supportive of their union. The couple seemed ecstatic in their wedding pictures, showing their love and happiness on their special day.

How Hasan Ali Met Samiya Arzoo

The story of how Hasan Ali met Samiya Arzoo is quite intriguing. The two first crossed paths in Dubai in 2017. According to Hasan Ali, it was love at first sight for him. They were introduced to each other through a common friend and started dating soon after. Their relationship grew stronger over time, leading them to the decision to get married.

Meet Samiya Arzoo, Hasan Ali's Wife

Samiya Arzoo is a remarkable woman who has won Hasan Ali's heart. Born on October 15, 1995, in Chandeni village, Haryana, India, Samiya comes from a supportive family. Her father, Liyaqat Ali, is a retired Block Development Officer who worked with the Haryana government, and her mother is Rahisha Ali.

After completing her schooling, Samiya pursued a degree in Aeronautical Engineering from Manav Rachna International University. She excelled as a student and is now a trained flight engineer at Emirates Airlines. Samiya's dedication and success in her career are truly inspiring.

Hasan Ali and Samiya's Journey as a Married Couple

Hasan Ali and Samiya Arzoo embarked on their marital journey in 2019. Their love and commitment to each other are evident in their relationship. Despite the challenges that come with being in the public eye, the couple has shown great resilience and strength.

In April 2021, Hasan Ali and Samiya welcomed their first child, a baby girl named Helena Hassan Ali. The arrival of their daughter brought immense joy and happiness to their lives, marking a new chapter in their journey as a family.

Hasan Ali's Net Worth

While there is no specific information available about Hasan Ali's net worth, it is expected that his successful cricket career has brought him considerable financial success. As a prominent player in the Pakistani national team, Hasan Ali is likely to have substantial net worth.

Random Facts about Hasan Ali

Hasan Ali's rise to fame has been accompanied by a few interesting facts about him. While his personal life takes center stage in this article, here are a few random facts about Hasan Ali:

  • Hasan Ali made his first-class debut for Sialkot in October 2013.
  • In August 2016, he made his international debut for Pakistan in a One Day International match.
  • He was named the player of the tournament in the 2017 ICC Champions Trophy, where Pakistan emerged as the winner.
  • Hasan Ali holds the record for being the quickest bowler for Pakistan to take 50 wickets in ODIs.
  • In August 2018, he was awarded a central contract for the 2018-19 season by the Pakistan Cricket Board.

Hasan Ali's journey as a cricketer and his personal life, including his relationship with Samiya Arzoo, showcases the different facets of his life. From his humble beginnings to his rise in the cricketing world, Hasan Ali continues to inspire others with his dedication and talent.


Pakistan Cricketer Haasan Ali With His Wife Shamia Azroo
Pakistan Cricketer Haasan Ali With His Wife Shamia Azroo
Hassan Ali With His Wife Samiya Arzoo And Daughter Helena Hassan Ali
Hassan Ali With His Wife Samiya Arzoo And Daughter Helena Hassan Ali
Hasan Ali And Shamia Sharing Trophy
Hasan Ali And Shamia Sharing Trophy