What We Know About Michael Vick's Wife Kijafa Vick: Family Bio

Michael Dwayne Vick is a former professional American football quarterback who played in the NFL for the Atlanta Falcons and the Philadelphia Eagles for 13 seasons. Let us take a look under the hood of Michael Vick Wife Kijafa Vick

Michael Vick

  • Vick was born on June 26, 1980, in Newport News, Virginia, United States. Vick is currently 41 years old. Vick is 6ft tall (1.83m) and weighs 210 lb(95 kg). Vick's horoscope is Cancer while his Chinese zodiac sign is the Horse. 
Michael Vick Wife
Michael Vick Wife

 Family Background And Childhood

  • Michael Vick's parents are Michael Boddie and Brenda Vick. Vick has 3 siblings. Michael's parents got married when he was 5 years old. Vick's mother worked two jobs, obtained public financial assistance and help from her parents. His father worked long hours in the shipyards as a sandblaster and spray-painter. 
  • Vick and his family lived in the Ridley Circle Homes which were a public housing project. The neighborhood was financially depressed and was crime-ridden. There was drug dealing,drive-by-shootings, and killings in the neighborhood. Many saw sports as a way out hence Michael took up sports. Vick used to go fishing when he was around 10 years old just to escape the violence and stress in the neighborhood. 
  • Vick was only 3 years old when his father started teaching him and his brother Marcus about football. Vick was given the nickname Ookie while growing up. His cousin Aaron Brooks taught him more about football. After joining the NFL Vick used some of his NFL earnings to buy his mother a brand new house in an upscale section of Virginia.

Vick's Education

  • Michael Vick attended Homer L.Ferguson High School. The school was closed down in 1996 as part of the Newport News Public Schools building modernization program. Vick and his coach Tommy Reamon both moved to Warwick High School. His coach guided him through SATs and helped him achieve a football scholarship to Virginia Tech. Vick appeared on the cover of ESPN The Magazine in his first year in college. Vick won the ESPY Award as the nation's top college player and the Archie Griffin Award as college football's most valuable player. Vick was indicted at the Virginia Tech Sports Hall of Fame in 2017.

Relationship Status of Michael Vick 

  • Vick is currently married to Kijafa. Vick dated Tameka Taylor in high school. Apart from that, not much is known about his previous or past relationships. Vick was involved in controversial activities in 2007 which caused by his NFL career.

How Michael Vick and Kijafa Met?

  • Michael Vick met his future wife Kijafa at a club in Virginia in 2002. Vick's wife was still in college but later on, dropped out to support Vick. When Vick went to prison she decided to go back to school and finish her degree. Kijafa continued her relationship with Vick even while he was still in prison. After he was released in 2009 he proposed to Kijafa on her 29th birthday which was in December 2009. 
  • Vick proposed to her through a surprise party which was held at the Ritz-Carlton. The whole proposal was live on tv for The Michael Vick Project on BET. They got married in June 2012 at the Miami Fountainbleu Hotel. The ceremony was worth 300,000 US dollars. Vick views his wife as one of his best friends and supporters. They have grown to love and respect each other over the years and do not seem to be in a hurry to call it quits anytime soon. The couple currently lives in Virginia with their children.

About Michael Vick's Wife Kijafa

  • Vick's wife was born Kijafa Frink on December 15,1980 in Philadelphia. She attended Hampton University in Virginia. Vicks wife owns her own South Philadelphia clothing and accessories boutique known as PnKElephant which also operates online. Vick's wife also co-owns My Hair Closet which is a hair wig and hair weave line. Michael's wife co-produced The Michael Vick Project which documented his return to the NFL after being imprisoned for 2 years. Vick's wife starred in an executive producer of the VH1 reality Series, Baller Wives.

How Many Kids Michael Vick Has?

  • Michael shares 4 kids with his wife. His eldest son Mitez is 17 years old and is Vick's son with his high school girlfriend Tameka. Vick's two daughters are Jada and Landon who are 15 and 12 years old respectively. His youngest son Michael Jr. was born in November 2017.
Michael Vick Family
Michael Vick Family

Random Facts

  • Vicks two friends were arrested in 2004 while distributing marijuana using Vick's truck. Vick was sued by Sonya Elliot in 2005 when he contracted her genital herpes in the autumn of 2002 though the issue was settled out of court. He was fined 10,000 USD and he donated 10,000 USD to charity after making an obscene gesture at fans on November 26, 2006. Vick was arrested in July 2007 and was indicted on federal felony charges for operating an unlawful interstate dog fighting venue. Michael tested positive for a random drug test on September 13,2007. On December 10 of the same year, he was sentenced to serve 23 months in federal prison. Vick was later released on July 20,2009. Vick filed for bankruptcy on July 7,2008. Vick reorganized his financial issues by liquidating some of his assets. Vick suffered a fractured fibula in 2003.

Michael Vick Net Worth and Career

  • Michael was selected by the Atlanta Falcons in the 2001 NFL Draft. He signed a six-year 62 million US dollar contract. After he was convicted for his federal charges Vick was ordered to reimburse 19.97 million US dollars to the Falcons. Vick was released in June 2009 by the Falcons as a free agent. He signed a one-year contract deal with the Philadelphia Eagles in August 13,2009. The contract was worth 1.6 million US dollars with no money guaranteed. Vick exercised his options with the Eagles for the 2010 season and received a 1.5 million US dollars roster bonus. 
  • Vick signed endorsement deals with Nike, EA Sports, Coca-Cola, Powerade, Kraft, Rawlings, Hasbro, and Air Tran. His first endorsement after release from prison was a two-year deal on January 27,2011 with Unequal Technologies. Vick launched a sports clothing line called V7 in 2012 to be sold exclusively at Modell's. Vick established The Vick Foundation in June 2006 to support youths in the Hampton areas. The foundation collected donations to be placed in the United in Caring Fund for victims of the Virginia Tech Tragedy. 
  • Vick won the Ed Block Courage Award in December 2006. Vick was named the NFC Offensive Player of the Month in September 2010. Michael was named the NFL Comeback Player of the Year by the Associated Press and the Sporting News. Vick won the Bert Bell Award on March 4,2011 and he signed a 6-year 100 million US dollars contract on August 29 with 40 million US dollars as a guarantee. He then signed a one-year restructured contract worth 10 million US dollars with the eagles on February 11,2013. 
  • Vick signed a one-year 5 million US dollar contract with the New York Jets in March 21,2014. Michael signed a one-year contract with the Pittsburgh Steelers worth 970,000 on August 25,2015. Vick retired from NFL on June 12, 2017. Vick joined the Atlanta Legends of the Alliance of American Football in April 25,2018 and currently works as a consultant.
Michael Vick Son
Michael Vick Son