Who Is Viktor Hovland's Girlfriend ? Family Bio

Viktor Hovland is a Norwegian professional golf player who plays on the PGA Tour. In this article, we will describe briefly About Viktor Hovland Dating 

Viktor Hovland's Bio

  •  Viktor Hovland was born on 18 September 1997, in Oslo, Norway. Currently, he resides in Stillwater, Oklahoma, U.S. The 23-year-old Norwegian has a height of 5 ft 10 in (178 cm) and weighs 195 lb (88 kg). His birth sign is Virgo.
  • Viktor Hovland was born to Galina and Harald Hovland. His father was an engineer who worked in the US for some time and brought back golf clubs with him. Viktor started playing at the age of eleven. His mother discovered after talking to her friends that US colleges offered golf scholarships.
  • Viktor Hovland attended Oklahoma State University–Stillwater where he played golf.
Viktor Hovland Winning The Us Amateur Title Webp
Viktor Hovland Winning The Us Amateur Title Webp

Who Is Dating Viktor Hovland Now?

  • Viktor Hovland is not dating anyone at the moment. It is not known whether had he dated anyone in the past. Viktor Hovland's relationship is currently non-existent. Or so it seems to the public. He has not been spotted with any special women or men. Neither has he uploaded pictures online with his special someone. Right now, it seems he is just focusing on his career and is not interested in a relationship. Additionally, it is not known whether he is gay. We will keep you updated if we find any information. 

Viktor Hovland Kids Info

  • Viktor Hovland does not have any kids.

Hovland's Other Facts

  • In March 2021, Viktor Hovland's mother pointed out a rules infraction to him which he self-reported to avoid a penalty.

Viktor Hovland Net Worth

  • Viktor Hovland has an estimated net worth of $1 million.
Viktor Hovland In Action
Viktor Hovland In Action
Vitor Hovland Loves Listening To Heavy Metal When He Drives
Vitor Hovland Loves Listening To Heavy Metal When He Drives