Karen Khachanov's Wife Veronika Shkliaeva: Girlfriend Bio

Karen Abgarovich Khachanov is a professional tennis player. He was born on 21 May 1996, in Moscow, Russia. The 24-year-old Russian has a height of 1.98 m (6 ft 6 in) and weighs 88 kg. His birth sign is Gemini. Keep reading to discover Karen Khachanov Was 19 When He Married his Wife Veronika Shkliaeva

Khachanov's Family Background

Karen Khachanov was born to Abgar and Natalia. His parents are both in the field of medicine. His father, an Armenian, was a high-level volleyball player as well. His mother is Russian. Karen has a sister, Margarita, and a brother, Georgiy. He started playing tennis when he was three years old. In his teens, he moved to Croatia and Barcelona to train. He also played basketball and football.

Karen Khachanov And His Wife Veronika Shkliaeva
Karen Khachanov And His Wife Veronika Shkliaeva

Karen Khachanov Education

Karen Khachanov attended Sozvezdie secondary school in Moscow. Afterthat, he went on to attend the University of Physical Education in Moscow.

Karen Khachanov Relationship Status

Karen Khachanov is currently married to his girlfriend named, Veronika Shkliaeva. It is unlikely that either of them was in any previous serious relationships.

About Karen Khachanov Wife Veronika Shkliaeva

Karen Khachanov first met his future wife Veronika Shkliaeva at the airport when they were eight years old. He was playing with a trolley and accidentally rammed it into her. Obviously, he did not leave a great first impression, since Veronika told her mom that Karen was an idiot. Since then they know each other, and at the age of thirteen, they even trained at the same tennis club. They started dating in their late teens. In April 2016, they got married, at the age of nineteen. In 2019, they gave birth to a baby boy.

Veronika Shkliaeva, Karen Khachanov's wife, is 24 years old. Her exact date of birth is unknown. She is from Moscow, Russia, as well. She has a sister. Not much information is publicly available about her.

How Many Kids Karen Khachanov Has?

Karen Khachanov and his wife Veronika Shkliaeva have one son together: David, born on 14 September 2019.

The Happy Family
The Happy Family

Khachanov Random Facts

Karen Khachanov is the brother-in-law of Belarusian professional tennis player Ilya Ivashka since Karen's wife Veronika Shkliaeva is the sister of Ilya's wife.

Karen Khachanov Net Worth

Karen Khachanov has an estimated net worth of $9 million.

Karen Khachanov Reveals His Wife Veronika Shkliaeva On Social Media
Karen Khachanov Reveals His Wife Veronika Shkliaeva On Social Media