José Aldo's Wife Vivianne Aldo: Family Bio

José Aldo da Silva Oliveira Júnior, who goes by the name of Jose Aldo is a Brazilian professional mixed martial artist. Born on 9th September 1986 in Manaus, Brazil this artist is 5ft 7in (170cm) tall and weighs around 135lb (65kg). Keep reading to discover Meet Vivianne Aldo, José Aldo's Wife.

José Aldo's Early Life

  • Born to José Aldo da Silva Oliveira Sr. and Rocilene Socorro Souza, Aldo didn't have a lavish childhood. He grew up poor and often there were days when there was no food to eat. When asked about what motivates him, he replied, "My personal desires. My dream, my goal is to own my own house. This dream motivates me more and more as I get closer to fulfilling it."When he was a baby, his elder sister accidentally dropped him on the barbecue and that left a permanent scar on his face.
  • There isn't much known about his schooling. He attended a local school in Manaus.

Vivianne And Jos
 Jose with his wife Vivianne 

Relationship Story of José Aldo 

  • José Aldo is married to his fellow fighter girlfriend Vivianne Aldo. Both of them are fighters in every sense. And add to this story they met at the dojo in Rio. Though they dated for a bit, it was Vivianne's father who wanted them to be married before sharing a roof together. José didn't think twice before he popped up the question in front of Vivianne. They got married in a lovely ceremony in 2005.

Mr And Mrs Aldo On Their Big Day
Mr. And Mrs Aldo On Their Big Day

Meet José Aldo's Wife Vivianne

  • Just like her husband, Vivianne Perreira is also a mixed martial arts fighter herself. She is also from Brazil and is a purple belt holder in jiu-jitsu and has fought twice professionally in Muay Thai. She keeps updating her fans about her life on her Instagram (@viviannevika) to 43.7k followers.

José Aldo Kids

  • José Aldo and Vivianne welcomed their child- a daughter Joanna in 2012.

Jos And Vivianne With Daughter Joanna
Jos And Vivianne With Daughter Joanna

José Aldo Net Worth

  • The net worth of José Aldo is $9million.

Aldo Family
Aldo's Family