Mikhail Kukushkin and his wife Anastasia Usova

    Mikhail Kukushkin's Quick Bio

  • The Kazakh professional tennis player Mikhail Kukushkin's full name is Mikhail Aleksandrovich Kukushkin. This Russian decent tennis player born on 26 December 1987. In this post, we talk about Mikhail's personal life: family and wife. 

  • Mikhail And His Girlfriend Anastasia In Wonderful Vacation In Mallorca
    Mikhail And His Girlfriend Anastasia In Wonderful Vacation In Mallorca

    Mikhail Kukushkin's Family And Childhood

  • Mikhail Kukushkin is the youngest of two children of Alexander and Tatiana Kukushkin. He has a sister, named Catherine. His father was Mikhail's first coach. He began playing tennis at age six. His father Alexander coached him until the age of 17. In a 2019 interview, Mikhail, talking about his early childhood, mentioned that when he was a little kid, his family could afford very little and lived modestly. His mother saved on food and dress for her eldest daughter Catherine, who also made progress on the court in the past.

    In 2006, Kukushkin made it to the decisive ITF match, and 2 years later he got 1st place in the competitions of the same series. In 2007, he won the ATP Challenger twice, consolidating his success by participating in the main draw of the ATP tournament. The following year, this tennis star managed to win the tournament for the third time and make an important decision to move from Russia to Kazakhstan. 

  • What is Mikhail Kukushkin's Relationship Status?

  • Mikhail Kukushkin was a married man. In 2011, the professional and personal life of Mikhail Kukushkin merged into one. The fact is that, in 2011, he got married to his tennis coach and girlfriend Anastasia Usova. Anastasia supported her boyfriend as best she could - she customized training programs for him and made every effort to achieve high performance.

    Of course, it was not without difficulties, but in general, the couple liked to work side by side. But, be that as it may, after more than 7 years of marriage, in the spring of 2018, the couple filed for divorce.

  • Mikhail Kukushkin's wife Anastasia Kukushkin

  • Mikhail'ss wife Anastasia had been his coach since 2008 when Mikhail moved to Astana and became a citizen of Kazakhstan. Kukushkin claims that he owes all his success to her.

    "I don't know why the world of tennis doesn't understand that a woman can be a good coach. My wife is a former tennis player, she went to university to become a coach. How many men have such an education? There are a few. I hear jokes every day - from players, coaches and fans. Sometimes I try to explain to them that it's not funny. But then I give up. Jokes don't bother me, but it's hard for my wife. That's why she doesn't like to travel with me to tournaments. If she wasn't she, I would not achieve all this ", Kukushkin is convinced.

    And he goes on: "There are so many coaches who sign their contracts, throw a few balls on the court and say, 'Well done, good shot,' then pick up their check and move on. The point is to find someone who cares. for you. I'm really happy with my relationship with Anastasia both in life and in sports. "

    He reached a record 46th place in the rankings in October 2015, and in 2017 for several months went beyond the Top 100. 

  • Mikhail Kukushkin's Net Worth

  • Over an accomplished career until 2015, Kukushkin won a total of 1 singles titles, won a total of 0 doubles titles, and earned a total of $3,656,836 from the competition. In 2021, he is reported to earn around $5,807,626. 

Mikhail And His Wife Anastasia
Mikhail And His Wife Anastasia
Mikhail And His Wife Anastasia
Mikhail And His Wife Anastasia