Meet Cricketer Nasir Hossain's Wife Tamima and Girlfriend Subah

    Who is Nasir Hossain

  • The Bangladeshi Cricketer Nasir Hossain was born on November 30, 1991. He grew up in Bogura city in Bangladesh. As an all-rounder, Nasir made his One Day International debut in August 2011 against Zimbabwe; two months later he made his Test debut against the West Indies. At the domestic level, he has represented Barisal Division, Chittagong Division, Rajshahi Division, and Rangpur Division. Once a regular player in all three formats, Nasir last played for the national team in 2018 when he appeared in a one-day international against Sri Lanka. 
  • Cricketer Nasir And Tamima Tammi At Wedding
    Cricketer Nasir And Tamima Tammi At the Wedding

    Nasir's Relationship Status

  • Nasir is currently married to Tamima Sultana Tammi. The couple got married in February 2021 on valentine's day. In 2018, Before marrying Tamima, Nasir had been accused to have a relationship with a girl named Humayra Subah. Subah claimed that Nasir had a physical relationship with her. However, Nasir refused Subah's claim. There is a rumor, prior to marrying Tamima Sultana Tammi, he had a relationship with Maria Mim who is a model. Although, there is no evidence about it.
  • Nasir Hossain's Wife Tamima Sultana Tammi

  • The Bangladeshi all-rounder tied the knot with Tamima Tammi in February 2021. The wedding ceremony took place on valentine's day at a local restaurant in Uttara, Dhaka. 
  • Tamima Tammi works as a cabin crew at ‎SAUDIA AIRLINES. Nasir's wife Tamima was born and raised in Tangail. We are not sure for how long Nasir knows Tamima. Probably, he posted a photo of Tamima on Instagram in the September of last year. He removed the photo after 10 minutes. 
  • The marriage between Tamima and Nasir made headlines and went viral on social media. A guy named Rakib Hasan claimed that Tamima is still Rakib's wife. More, Tamima got newly married without divorcing her first husband Rakib. From a viral conversation between Nasir and Rakib, we are able to verify that there is something going on in the background. 
  • Moreover, it is viral on social media that, before getting hitched with Nasir, Tamima spent 6 months living a relationship with a guy named Alok Shaha. 
  • Nasir Hossain's wife Tamima Tammi has a daughter who is eight years old from her first husband, Rakib Hasan. Tamimia's daughter's name is Rashfia Hasan Tuba.

  • Cricketer Nasir's Ex-Girlfriend Humyra Subah

  • Everybody should know about Cricketer Nasir's ex-girlfriend Subah. Her full name is Shah Humyra Subah (The name is not pronounced Suva or Subha or Sova or Sobha). Subah is working as an actress and model. In 2018, a video of Subah went viral on youtube and Facebook. Subah leaked about her relationship with Nasir. At that time, the cricketer bad boy replied the girl took advantage of his weakness.
  • Nasir's ex-girlfriend Subah is a model and actress by profession.
Actress Subah
Actress Subah
Cricketer Nasir Wedding
Cricketer Nasir Wedding

Tamima Tammi's Family with Rakib
Nasir And Tamima
Nasir And Tamima
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Nasir Hossain Posted Picture With His Wife
Rakib Kissing Nasirs Present Wife Tamima Tammi
Rakib Kissing Nasir's Present Wife Tamima Tammi
Rakib Tamima Tammi
 Tamima Tammi with her ex-husband Rakib
Subah At Wedding
Nasir's ex-girlfriend Subah
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Subah Wrote Best Friends Can Become Strangers