Reality TV to real life : Vítor Belfort's wife Joana Prado

    About Vítor Belfort

  • The MMA Fighter Vítor Belfort (aka The Phenom) was born on 1 April 1977 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The 43-year-old Brazilian-American has a height of 6 ft 0 in (1.83 m) and weighs 185 lb (84 kg; 13 st 3 lb). His birth sign is Aries and he is a devout Christian.
  • Vitor Belfort And Joana Prado
    Vitor Belfort And Joana Prado

    Vítor Belfort's Family And Childhood

  • Vítor Belfort's parents are José Marcos Belfort, a French-Brazilian, and Maria Jovita Vieira, a Greek-Brazilian. He has a sister Priscila Belfort. On 9 January 2004, Vítor's sister, Priscila Belfort disappeared. In August 2007, a woman (identified as Elaine Paiva) confessed that she participated in her kidnapping and killing, in what seemed to be retribution for a deal gone bad with drug lords. Priscilla's body was never found, and the Belfort family still considers her to be missing. Vítor started boxing at the age of 12 and then moved on to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. By the age of 18, he had won numerous BJJ tournaments.
  • Vítor Belfort's Education

  • In 2016, Vítor Belfort put up a post on Facebook stating he had been accepted into Stanford University. The post, which seemed to be a prank, apparently turned out to be true. It seems Vítor had no dearth of extra-curricular activities to mention on his college application.
  • Vítor Belfort's Wife Joana Prado

  • Vítor Belfort's wife is the gorgeous blonde Joana Prado. They started dating in 2000, but their relationship was short-lived. However, in 2002, both of them took part in a Brazilian reality TV show, where they rekindled their relationship. The same year, both of them appeared in the Brazilian edition of Playboy magazine together. In 2003 they exchanged vows. They have had 3 children since then. Both Vítor and Joana hold dual Brazilian-American citizenship and live in Boca Raton, Florida, United States.

  • About Joana Prado

  • Joana Prado Belfort, Vítor Belfort's wife, was born on June 22, 1976, in São Paulo, Brazil. The 44-year-old hottie is the daughter of Jair Prado (an engineer) and Mercedes Prado. Her sister is Tiago Prado. She studied administration and foreign trade in college. Joana Prado gained worldwide recognition for creating the character Feiticeira ("Sorceress") for the TV show Program H, at Rede Bandeirantes. The character went on to be one of Brazil's sex symbols during the 1990s.
  • Joana Prado's Career

  • Joana Prado is currently a businesswoman. She has created and is in charge of gyms, fitness brands, real estate, and she also actively participates in managing her husband's MMA career. Previously she was a model and has appeared numerous times for Playboy's Brazilian edition. She has also been a part of various talk shows and radio shows and has also created a few. She has also worked as a TV reporter and has created many advertising campaigns.

  • Vítor Belfort's Kids

  • Vítor Belfort and Joana Prado have one son and two daughters together; Davi Belfort (born 2005, age 15), Victoria Belfort (born 2007, age 13), and Kyara Belfort (born 2009, age 11). Davi is a star high school quarterback, who has multiple prestigious high schools vying for him.
  • Vítor Belfort's Random Facts

  • In 2016, a flashback video made its way back to the internet. It was a clip from Casa dos Artistas, the 2002 reality TV show that both Vítor Belfort and Joana Prado participated and rekindled their relationship. In the three-minute-long clip, Vítor can be seen licking Joana's feet in a foamy, hot tub. Talk about reigniting your relationship, huh?
  • Vítor Vieira Belfort's Net Worth

  • Vítor Belfort has an estimated net worth of $6 million.
Joana Prado The Businesswoman
Joana Prado The Businesswoman
Vitor Belfort With His Family
Vitor Belfort With His Family

Vitor Belfort S Wife Joana Prado On The Cover Of Playboy
Vitor Belfort S Wife Joana Prado On The Cover Of Playboy