Sean McDermott's wife: Girlfriend Bio

    Sean McDermott's Intro

  • Sean Michael McDermott is born on March 21, 1974, in Omaha, Nebraska, United States. He is an American football coach and the head coach for the Buffalo Bills of the National Football League. His recent age is 46 years. His height is 5’7. He began his National Football League (NFL) coaching career as an assistant for the Philadelphia Eagles in 2001, from 2009 to 2010 serving as defensive coordinator.
  • In C Jamie McDermott Sean McDermott Paid A Visit To Women E S And Children E S To Meet With Some Of The Patients And Their Families
    In C Jamie McDermott Sean McDermott Paid A Visit To Women E S And Children E S To Meet With Some Of The Patients And Their Families

    Sean McDermott's Family

  • Kim McDermott is the mother of Sean Michael McDermott, he has an older brother (Tim McDermott). Sean is from a family of football lovers. He obviously took over from his father Rich McDermott who also coached football, although not at the NFL level. Rich was a former coach at Ursinus College. His Brother Tim also played football both at the high school and college levels. According to the NFL coach, he has always loved being around the game and knew from an early age that he would end up as a coach.
  • Sean McDermott 's Education

  • Sean Michael McDermott attended La Salle College High School, William & Mary, North Penn High School. He obtained his bachelor’s degree in finance from the College of William and Mary, where he graduated in 1998. Subsequently, he entered the National Football League in 1999 when he was hired by the Philadelphia Eagles as a scouting administrator.
  • Sean McDermott's Relationship

  • Sean McDermott is a married man, Jamie McDermott is the name of his wife, They continued their donations to support medical personnel fighting the Covid-19 pandemic in Western New York. They met in their teens. The second met and began dating while still in high school. They dated through their college years and eventually became husband and wife.

  • Meet With Sean McDermott's Wife

  • Sean McDermott's wife, Jamie McDermott was born on June 25, 1979. Her presence on social media is very sparse. It’s Instagram account is @jamiemcdermott4, which is a private account. As of January 2021, there are 253 posts, 562 followers, 2105 following it. She sometimes do they show up on Facebook. 
  • Coach Sean McDermott Coach Sean McDermott has been happily married to his wife Jamie McDermott for years. The beautiful Mrs. McDermott is five years younger than her husband.  
  • Jamie McDermott recently returned to Facebook after nearly a three-year absence and she is no exception to this rule. In early January of 2017, she did post a picture and plea for people to vote for Greg Olsen for NFL Man of the Year. The reason she posted that was that Greg promised to give $25,000 to a children’s hospital if he won. She recently returned to Facebook after a three-year absence. After her time in Carolina, maybe she wants to reconnect to family and friends.
  • Sean McDermott 's Kids

  • Sean McDermott and his wife Jamie McDermott are the proud parents of two young children, She has given birth to a daughter and a son together. Their daughter's name is Madeline. His family of four resides in Orchard Park, New York.

  • Sean McDermott's Other Facts

  • Sean McDermott said at his introductory press conference that most of his decisions in the coming weeks and months will be a process including on quarterback Tyrod Taylor. McDermott said that he and Taylor talked on the phone Thursday and met briefly in person for the first time in the facility on Friday.
  • Sean McDermott's Net Worth

  • Net worth is over $3 million. Salary is over $3,000,000.
Jamie McDermott With Her Friends
Jamie McDermott With Her Friends
Sean McDermott And Josh Allen
Sean McDermott And Josh Allen

Sean McDermott With His Family
Sean McDermott With His Family