J. D. Martinez's Girlfriend Ariana Aubert: Wife Bio


    Meet J. D. Martinez

  • J. D. Martinez is a professional baseball outfielder. He is an American and a designated hitter who plays for the Boston Red Sox of Major League Baseball. Martinez also played in MLB for the Houston Astros, Arizona Diamondbacks, and Detroit Tigers. Martinez was born in Miami, Florida on August 21, 1987. His full name is Julio Daniel “J. D.” Martinez. His zodiac sign is Leo, his height is 1.91 m and his weight is 99.8 kg.
  • Martinez And Airana
    Martinez And Airana

    J. D. Martinez's Family and Education

  • Martinez's parents are Julio Martinez and Mayra Martinez. Since his childhood, Martinez developed a keen interest in the world of baseball. He has five sisters. Martinez started his education at Flanagan High School in Pembroke Pines and then attended Nova Southeastern University. He played college baseball for the Shark.
  • About J. D. Martinez's Girlfriend Ariana Aubert

  • The baseball player, J. D. Martinez has been dating his school beautiful girlfriend named, Ariana Aubert. He and his girlfriend were high school friends and both studied at Flanagan High School together, though it is not certain if they started dating since high school. Martinez's girlfriend, Ariana was a former Miami Dolphins Cheerleader. After cheerleading, Aubert took up the role of Events and Entertainment co-ordinator for the same team. Ariana was born on 10th May 1989. She is of Pines native and belongs to a Colombian family.In her free time, Ariana likes traveling and enjoying television programs. She is a big fan of the popular TV series "Walking Dead". In 2012 she even went skydiving. She joins Martinez for his spring training too. Ariana also attended the Red Bull Flugtag competition as a team member.   
  • J. D. Martinez's Kid

  • Martinez and his girlfriend Ariana do not have any children from this relationship. Any information related to their kids will be shared in the future.

  • Martinez's Controversy

  • In 2013 Martinez was involved in a controversy when he posted on Instagram a quote that the anti-gun control advocates have falsely attributed to Adolf Hitler.
  • J. D. Martinez's Net Worth

  • Martinez’s salary is almost 23.75 million USD and his estimated net worth is around $ 110 million at present. He has many luxury cars like Mercedes Benz, Ford Mustang and, Range Rover, and is known to spend a lot of money on sports cars too.
Martinez And His Girlfriend Ariana
Martinez And His Girlfriend Ariana
Martinez And His Girlfriend
Martinez And His Girlfriend

Martinez With His Girlfriend Ariana
Martinez With His Girlfriend Ariana