What we know about Eddie Jackson's Girlfriend

    About Eddie Jackson

  • Eddie Jackson born on 10 December 1993 in Lauderdale Lakes, Florida, US. Eddie Jackson is a 27-year-old football player. Eddie Jackson’s height is 1.83 m and their weight is 92 kg. Eddie Jackson's ethnicity is black. Eddie Jackson have 245K followers on Instagram @bojack and 121.4K followers on Twitter @bojack39
  • Eddie Jackson S Girlfriend
    Eddie Jackson S Girlfriend

    Eddie Jackson's Family And Childhood

  • The Jacksons have lived in Deerfield Beach, Florida, for several generations. Eddie Jackson carries the same name as his father and grandfather: Eddie Jackson Jr. works in construction and Jackson's mother, Angelia, works as a medical assistant. Jackson's father went by the nickname Bo, and his grandfather went by the nickname, Jack. As the third member of the family with the same name, Jackson took on both names: BoJack. This became confusing for Jackson when Netflix began airing the show "BoJack Horseman," leading some to incorrectly believe the two nicknames were related. "Everyone was tagging me," said Jackson, "I was like, 'who is this?"
  • Eddie Jackson's High School and College

  • Eddie Jackson attended Boyd H. Anderson High School in Lauderdale Lakes, Florida and then went to University of Alabama for college education.
  • Who is Eddie Jackson's Girlfriend

  • Eddie Jackson is not married yet and there is no confirmed news about who is Eddie Jackson’s girlfriend. We heard that Eddie Jackson had a girlfriend named Alison Taylor from Alabama Where Eddie Jackson had played college football but there is no other information available about this rumor. Another rumor which looks more true is that Eddie Jackson is dating Mercedes Dolls. Eddie Jackson's Girlfriend Mercedes Dollnos has parted away from his ex-boyfriend Le’veonel” in 2019.

  • Eddie Jackson's Girlfriend Mercedes

  • Eddie Jackson give first public appearance with Mercedes on May 2019 during a match, where both the couple enjoyed together in front of cameras. Mercedes Dollnos is the ex-girlfriend of NFL player Le’veonel. Eddies Jackson’s Girlfriend and baby momma of Le’veonel, Mercedes Dollnos was pregnant with Le’veonel and give birth to daughter (Melodie) and had a son (Landon). During Mercedes Dollnos pregnancy Le’veonel’ cheated her with Rams Cheerleader Con herise and pregnant Cherise, and that was the reason Mercedes Dollnos breakup with her ex-boyfriend.
  • About Mercedes Dollson 

  • Mercedes Dollson appears no less appealing than any Instagram model. Mercedes Dollson has it all: Kylie Jenner_esque figure, stunning face, and remarkable fashion sense. Mercedes Dollson is followed by 12.7k on Instagram. Mercedes Dollson is a Sagittarius. Mercedes Dollson lives in Florida and Pittsburg. Mercedes Dollson is the founder of Dollface Cosmetics in 2016. Before that Mercedes Dollson was a model. Mercedes Dollson is growing two kids without marriage.

  • Eddie Jackson's Kids

  • Eddie Jackson has no kids.
  • Eddie Jackson's Net Worth

  • Eddie Jackson 2020 Salary Cap Charge is $3,716,452 (1.75% of cap) and 2020 Cash Payout is $13,150,000 (6.21% of spending). Eddie Jackson’s 2020 Cash to Cap Ratio is 3.54 and his NFL Contract Value with four year extension in year 2020 $58,400,000. Fully Guaranteed Money: $22,000,000 and Contract Ranking is 2/177.
Eddie Jackson S Mother
Eddie Jackson S Mother
Eddie Jackson S Sister
Eddie Jackson S Sister

Mercedes Dollson Ex Fiance Le Veon Bell S
Mercedes Dollson Ex Fiance Le Veon Bell S
Mercedes Dollson
Mercedes Dollson