Brandon Crawford's Wife Jalynne Dantzscher: Girlfriend Bio

    Brandon Crawford's Dating and Wedding History

  • Baseball wasn’t the only life-changing event that Crawford experienced at UCLA, it was the place where Crawford met his sweet girlfriend named Jalynne Dantzscher for the first time. According to the San Francisco Gate, in his first few weeks at the university, Crawford attended a freshman orientation for athletes where Crawford befriended Dantzscher. Soon after that, Crawford and his girlfriend became a couple. On November 26, 2011, Crawford and his girlfriend tied a knot in beautiful Kona, Hawaii. This wedding took place in the offseason, after Crawford’s rookie season with the Giants. This season included a grand slam in his very first game.
  • College Days Of Crawford And His Wife
    College Days Of Crawford And His Wife

    Who is Brandon Crawford's Wife Jalynne Dantzscher?

  • Crawford’s wife Jalynne Dantzscher is familiar with athletics herself. She belongs to an impressive athletic family that has not only seen success in this regard but has become an incredible support group for Crawford. 
  • Crawford has 7 siblings. Her family includes not just her, but her identical twin sister Janelle too. Jalynne and Janelle, both were phenomenal gymnasts during their teenage years.
  •  As a junior in high school, Crawford’s wife finished in the Top 20 nationwide at USA National Championships. Two years later, she got first in the all-around at a State meet. Crawford’s wife Jalynne had incredible abilities that netted her, as well as the equally talented Janelle. Unfortunately, her time with the gymnastics team did not last long.
  •  After a fantastic first year, she retired from gymnastics due to chronic back and rib injuries back in 2006. Crawford’s wife and her twin sister were not the only gymnasts in the family. Their older sister Jamie was also an amazing gymnast.
  • Crawford's Wife Jalynne Dantzscher's Education and career

  • She’s got earned a Master’s Degree in Education and homeschooling three of her four kids in between the baby’s naps. 
  • Dantzscher is working work with Tiny Turnip, a clothing brand. These clothes are unique and different compared to other brands. Right now during COVID, they created masks because there was such a need for them.
  • Introduce with Brandon Crawford

  • Brandon Michael Crawford was born on January 21, 1987, in California, United States. His zodiac sign is Aquarius and his zodiac animal is Rabbit. Michael Crawford is a 33 years old baseball shortstop by profession who played for the San Francisco Giants of Major League Baseball (MLB). He is 6 feet 2 inches (1.88 m) tall and his weight is 215 pounds (98kg). Brandon was the sixth player in the history of MLB who hit a grand slam in his first Major League game and also the first shortstop who hit a grand slam in a Major League Baseball postseason game. Crawford was named the team’s Most Valuable Player (MVP) twice when he played for the University of California.

  • Brandon Crawford's Family Background

  • Lynn Crawford is his mother, and his father’s name is Mike Crawford. His mother Lynn is a teacher at Vintage Hills Elementary School in nearby Pleasanton. Crawford was a huge fan of the Giants organization. His family even traveled to spring training games. He learned to keep the score at the age of 5. He has three sisters. Crawford is the brother-in-law of Olympic gymnast Jamie Dantzscher. Brandon’s oldest sister named Amy, dated Pittsburgh Pirates pitcher Gerrit Cole, and they got married in the offseason.
  • Brandon Michael Crawford's Education and Career

  • In childhood, Crawford was lived in Menlo Park with his family. Then his family moved to Pleasanton, a Bay Area in San Francisco, where he completed his elementary school. Crawford studied at Foothill High School in Pleasanton and was a three-sport athlete playing football, basketball, and baseball. He graduated in 2005 and was the starting quarterback for the foothill Falcons. Crawford studied at UCLA. He played baseball for the UCLA Bruins from 2006 to 2008. For the first time in school history, he led his team to the NCAA Regionals in three consecutive seasons. Crawford was given the title of team’s MVP in 2006 and 2007. Later in 2007, Crawford played for the Orleans Firebirds of the Cape Cod Baseball League. He made his United States national team proud by winning the 2006 International University Sports Federation (FISU) World Championship. He was declared as the sixth-best prospect in the Giants' organization by Baseball America heading into 2011. He also won World Series Championship in 2012 and 2014 for San Francisco Giants.

  • Brandon Crawford's Kids Info

  • They have four children; two girls and two sons; Braylyn, Jaydyn, Braxton, and Bryson. Crawford’s wife is a highly engaged mom, handling the household with her whole family all by herself. 
  •  According to Crawford and his wife, every kid should be involved in an extra-curricular activity as it keeps them focused and well balanced. It also helps them achieve goals. 
  •  Crawford and Dantzscher’s big focus is setting goals for their kids and achieving them. Jalynne told that they were doing gymnastics 40-50 hours a week by 7 and 8 years old, 5 days a week. She feels a little sad that they didn’t get to try other sports. Crawford’s wife has started her kids in gymnastics at 2 and 3 years old as she wanted them to do it for fun. This past offseason, they have started gymnastics at a little gym near their house.
  • Brandon Crawford's Important Facts

  • Due to COVID, no one knows when baseball will return, so there’s no schedule for which to prepare. For now, like other athletes and most of society, Crawford is grounded and taking advantage of the extra and unexpected family time.
  • Brandon Crawford's Net Worth

  • Brandon has currently signed a 6 year / $75,000,000 contract with Giants that will pay him the annual average salary of $12,500,000. He current earning is $15,000,000 as his salary in 2020. His career earnings from MLB so far has been reported to be $50,535,000.
Crawford And His Wife Enjoying Christmas
Crawford And His Wife Enjoying Christmas
Crawford And His Wife With Their Adorable Kids
Crawford And His Wife With Their Adorable Kids

Crawford Tied A Knot With His Beloved Girlfriend
Crawford Tied A Knot With His Beloved Girlfriend