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    About Philip Rivers

  • The former American football quarterback, Philip Michael Rivers was born on December 8, 1981 (age 35) in Decatur, Alabama, where his father, Steve, was the head coach of Decatur High's football team and his mother, Joan, was a teacher. Also, he has two siblings named, Stephen and Anna. Rivers went to Decatur then moved to Athens. He has more than 30 accolades to his name and seems like he is just getting started.
  • Philip River S Wife Tiffany Rivers Profession And Education
    Philip Rivers' Wife Tiffany Rivers 

    Philip Rivers' Relationship History

  • Tiffany and Philip went to junior high school together in 1994, which is when he began playing football. It looks like '94 was their lucky year because it was around this time that the two started dating. They were together for five years, and while his football career was off to a great start as a freshman in college, Philip asked his coach if he would be okay with the player getting married. Tiffany and Philip Rivers saved themselves for marriage. Philip has been a devout Catholic throughout his life, and Tiffany converted before getting married. In an interview, Philip said that though they married young, they are happy being with and loving each other.
  • Introduce With Philip Rivers' wife Tiffany Rivers

  • Philip Rivers' wife Tiffany Rivers was born on November 18, 1982, as Tiffany Goodwin in Decatur, Alabama, in the US. 
  • As per Tiffany's education, she attended and graduated from Athens High School in 2000, the same school Philip attended. Subsequently, she went on to attend North Carolina State University, again the same university that Philip attended. 
  •  At present, the couple lives in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida with their nine children.

  • Tiffany Rivers' Career

  • Tiffany Rivers is the best known being a wife of an American football player, Philip River. Tiffany has great taste in fashion and decided to monetize her passion. She is a businesswoman and operates a swimwear line called Hermoza, which was co-founded with Marisa De Lecce, a San-Diego based fashion maven. Hermoza specializes in modest but fashionable and comfortable swimwear. Besides, She is a strong-headed woman who is determined to work with her husband and take care of her family.
  • Philip Rivers and Tiffany Rivers Children

  • Apart from being a stay at home mom who is balancing her nine kids and husband together, Philip Rivers' wife Tiffany Rivers also helped him create a foundation called Rivers of Hope in 2010. The foundation aims to find families for orphans up to the age of twelve. This couple is very committed to helping kids out! Additionally, they organize a fun run every year to raise money for their foundation. Tiffany Rivers and Philip Rivers are high school sweethearts and give everyone a couple of goals! The Rivers family is a team in itself with seven girls and two boys, and the couple is more than happy with their large family. 
  • They feel blessed to have their children in their lives. Philip and Tiffany's first child, Halle, was born on July 6, 2002; just a year after her parents tied the knot. Their families kept growing, and are going strong with two boys, Gunner and Peter, and five more girls, Rebecca, Sarah, Caroline, Grace, and Clare, and again, their youngest daughter, Anna, was born in March 2019. 
  • With a bunch of kids and a glamorous career, the Rivers are managing a pretty tight shift in their household. They hardly get time for themselves and spend a romantic evening together, but when they do, they make sure it's worth it!

  • Philip rivers' Net Worth

  • Philip Rivers earns an estimated net worth is around $40 million from the NFL career which is pretty huge. He has also listed in the top 100 highest-paid athletes in 2020.

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Philip Rivers' Wife Tiffany Rivers 

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Philip Rivers' Wife Tiffany Rivers
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