Derek Carr and his wife Heather Neel: The Romantic Couple

    Derek Carr

  • Derek Carr was born on March 28, 1991 (age 26) in Bakersfield, California. Carr was born in Bakersfield, California, the youngest of three children to Rodger and Sheryl Carr. He and his family lived in Bakersfield before relocating to Sugar Land, Texas, in 2002 when his oldest brother, David Carr, became the first overall draft pick of the then-expansion Houston Texans. Carr and his family moved back to Bakersfield for his senior year, and he attended Bakersfield Christian High School. Carr's high school football career began at Clements High School in Sugar Land, Texas.
  • Derek Carr S Wife Heather Neel Partner Intro
    Derek Carr's Wife Heather Neel 

    Derek Carr's wife Heather Neel

  • Derek Carr's wife Heather Neel was born in Fresno; she is a loving wife and mother and is enjoying being a stay-at-home mom. She is a role model for all the women out there in the world who have husbands with demanding jobs. Heather supports her husband in all of his endeavors and loves his family. She keeps her private life to herself and urges Derek to do the same.
  • She was a graduate of Fresno Christian High School and chose to stay home for college when she selected Fresno State. Although Fresno isn't considered part of the Bay Area, it is just 180 miles away from the East Bay and Oakland, which made it the closest NFL city to Fresno State when the Raiders selected Carr in 2014.
  • While in high school and college, she began working at a BJ's Brewhouse in Fresno to help bring in money while completing her studies. Little did she know that she'd end up meeting the man she'd marry — in a way that she never expected. While working a shift, Carr was one of her customers and asked her why she only had one earring in her two ears. 
  • When she got a moment, she went off to check her diamond earrings to make sure that she hadn't lost one…and realized that she had both of them in place. Carr had simply been messing with her to get her attention. The ploy ended up working perfectly. Neel was surprised enough by Carr's line that she went back and talked with him, and soon after, they set up a real date that was the beginning of their relationship.
  • Derek Carr S Wife Heather Neel How The Relationship Started
    Derek Carr's Wife Heather Neel 

    Derek Carr and Neel's Dating and Wedding

  • While Carr was developing into a top quarterback on the field at Fresno State, he was also becoming the kind of person Heather thought she was getting when she first met him. On July 10, 2012, Heather Neel officially became Heather Carr. Not coincidentally, their marriage coincided with Carr's two best seasons as a Bulldog. In his final two years at Fresno State, the newly married Carr tossed 87 touchdown passes against 15 interceptions and led Fresno State to a 20-6 record over that stretch.

  • About Derek Carr's Children

  • Derek Carr and his wife Heather Neel have four children together. They have three sons named, Dallas Carr, Deker Luke Carr, and Deakon Carr. Moreover, the couple also welcomed an adorable daughter in 2020 named, Brooklyn Mae, according to Carr's business manager. Their first son Dallas who was born in 2013, suffer from intestinal malrotation and needed surgery, but now he is ok.
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Derek With his Wife And Children
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