John Stewart's wife Claire Campbell: family bio

In this post, we will describe briefly about- John Stewart's wife Claire Campbell: family bio.

  • Born on 18 July 1923, in Northcote, Auckland. He was educated at Monte Cecelia and Sacred Heart Colleges in Auckland, Auckland University College, Auckland Teachers' Training College and Massey University (BA). He was a Massey University councillor for 12 years.he died (of cancer) in New Plymouth.
  • John Stewart's wife Claire Campbel was born and brought up in Newzealand. she was a very active child and philanthropic since adulthood. She worked in many charities and was the very socially progressive person who knew development was her only agenda.
  • John Stewart's wife Claire Campbell was appointed mayor of New Plymouth. She worked her whole life for the welfare of citizens and society. She believed in the deeds of good work which inspired generations to come together and work forward to create a better life and society for future.
  • they married in 1961 and had a daughter and four sons.His marriage ceremony is believed to have taken place in NewZealand itself attended by close family and friends. they celebrated honeymoon and soon resumed their work.
  • He took part in politics and participated as Labour candidate in the 1978 Rangitikei by-election.
  • John Stewart was appointed a Member of the Order of the British Empire in 1983.