Who is Travis Kelce Dating Now: Fast Facts

    Travis Kelce

  • Travis Michael Kelce is an American football tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs of the National Football League. Travis is the younger brother of Jason Kelce, the center for the Philadelphia Eagles. He attended Cleveland Heights High School in his hometown of Cleveland Heights, Ohio, where he was a three-sport athlete in football, wrestling, and baseball. Kelce accepted a scholarship offer from the University of Cincinnati over offers from Akron, Eastern Michigan, and Miami of Ohio. In this post, we will describe briefly Travis Kelce's Girlfriend and Future Wife Kayla Nicole: Fast Facts.

Who is Travis Kelce Currently Dating

Travis Kelce, the star of the reality show "Catching Kelce," stated that he was single. Recently, rumors have circulated linking him to rapper Megan Thee Stallion, as they have been seen together in various photos and videos. However, Megan denied being in a relationship with Kelce. Interestingly, Kelce's ex-girlfriend, Kayla Nicole, unfollowed both Kelce and Megan on social media. Nicole has been actively sharing captivating content, displaying her beauty, fashion sense, and fitness regimen. Fans have taken notice of Nicole's absence in Kelce's life, speculating about the impact it may have on him.
umors have circulated linking him to rapper Megan Thee Stallion

    Travis Kelce S Girlfriend And Future Wife Kayla Nicole
    Travis Kelce's Girlfriend And Future Wife Kayla Nicole

    Some Facts On Travis Kelce's Ex girlfriend Kayla Nicole

  • Travis Kelce's girlfriend Kayla Nicole was born on November 2, 1991, in Los Angeles, California, to parents Roosevelt Brown (father) and Robin Curry (mother). She grew up with four siblings named, Hayda Curry, Layla-Simone Curry, and Ayva Curry.
  • She is an on-air host and model. Also, she has Twitter and Instagram both hint at Los Angeles as her home base. 
  • Nicole graduated from a local high school and then entered Pepperdine University in Malibu for her undergraduate studies. She earned a bachelor's degree in broadcast journalism and entered the television media industry.
  • Kayla Nicole mentions herself as a media personality in her social media. Since 2013, Kayla has steadily improved her front-of-the-camera resume. Her old YouTube account shows Kayla hosting events, working the red carpet, interviewing celebs, and even attending New York Fashion Week for her own vertical, Kayla Nicole TV, and for the fashion website Fashion Reverie. More recently, Kayla has signed on with popular rap/hip-hop website HotNewHipHop as the "resident tastemaker"/gal on the street:
  • In the last part of 2016, Travis Kelce posted a picture on Instagram of him attending teammate Jeremy Maclin's wedding with a new, gorgeous woman. It is the first time, we saw Kayla Nicole with Kelce.
  • Travis Kelce and Kayla Nicole separated in August 2020, and everyone believed their romance was finished. Thankfully, their love endured, and they resolved after a few months.
  • Travis' Previous Relationship 

  • Travis Kelce was the star of a Bachelor-esque reality show, Catching Kelce in 2016 where hopeful women from every state competed to be Kelce's girlfriend. At the end of the show, he chose a woman named Maya Benberry from Kentucky to be his girlfriend. But their relationship didn't last. Kelce and Benberry confirmed their break-up in January this year, and five months later, Kelce appeared to have moved on.
  • Travis Kelce's Net Worth

  • As an NFL American footballer, Travis Kelce has an estimated net worth about of $20 million.
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Kayla Nicole Travis Kelce
Kayla Nicole  and Travis Kelce
On The Finale Of C A C C CCatching Kelce C C A C C D Chiefs Tight End Travis Kelce Chose Kentucky Native Maya Benberry
Travis Kelce And His Old Girlfriend Maya Benberry

Travis Kelce And His Girlfriend Kayla Nicole
Travis Kelce And His Girlfriend Kayla Nicole
Travis Kelce And His Old Girlfriend Maya Benberry
Travis Kelce And His Old Girlfriend Maya Benberry

Travis Kelce S Girlfriend Kayla Nicole
Travis Kelce S Girlfriend Kayla Nicole