Vera Zvonareva and her husband Aleksandr has baby! (Photo) -

Vera Zvonareva and her husband Aleksandr has baby!

Born back on 1984, Vera Zvonareva is a 32-year-old Russian professional tennis player. She started a professional career in tennis in 2000 but only after being introduced to tennis by her mother when she was only 6 years of age. Her mother, Nataliya, used to play field hockey back in 80s while her dad Igor was a Bandy player who played in USSR championship for Dynamo Moscow. 
Vera is a P.E graduate from Russia State University in 2007. She met her boyfriend Aleksandr Kucher sometimes back and decided to tie their notes in mid of 2016; August 2016 to be precise. 
Aleksandr's wife Vera, retired from tennis back in 2015 after getting a knee injury. She usde to play well in hard and clay surfaces. Despite retiring from tennis, she promised to be back in sports, but this time round as a commentator of Eurosport channel. The wife, Vera, gave birth last year (2016).
Vera serving a tennis ball

Vera at her courtyard

Vera watching a tennis game

Vera's wedding to Aleksandr

Vera at the studio