Tsonga's wife Noura just gave birth to a baby boy!

The French international Jo-Wilfried Tsonga is a professional tennis player who was born on April 17, 1985, in Le Mans, France. He became a pro tennis player in 2004 and has won 18 titles on the ATP tour; 14 of them being singles titles and the other 4 being doubles titles. He was ranked number 5 in 2012 in the singles titles. in 2014, Jo started seeing this Swiss beautiful girl who, later on, turned to be his girlfriend. Her name is Noura El Shwekh and was born and raised in Switzerland.
Last years, there were rumors that were widely spreading about Jo's girlfriend being pregnant. The rumors were confirmed to be true since his girlfriend Noura, gave birth in March 2017 to a baby boy.
Jo-Wilfred decided to withdraw from Miami Open since his girlfriend was very close to giving birth. He opted to take care of her with their baby boy rather than going to play in Maimi open.
Tsonga, his girlfriend Noura, and some of his buddies

Jo-Wilfried with his girlfriend Noura

Jo with his girlfriend Noura ready for the China Open

Noura with her boyfriend Jo-Wilfred

Jo-Wilfred with his fiancee Noura

Jo-Wilfred with his expectant fiancee Noura