Wow! Timea Bacsinsky got engaged to her accounts manager

Timea Bacsinszky, the beautiful Swiss professional tennis player who was born in 1989 to her two Hungarian parents. She was however, born in Switzerland. This is where she started her professional tennis career which by then she was only 15. Even then, she started holding the ratched when she was still very tiny, only 3 years old. In all her life, she has won 12 singles and 14 doubles titles on the ITF level and 3 singles and 4 doubles on WTA tour.
Timea's life at a tender age was not that easy especailly when she started playing tennis. She was constantly pressurized by her dad to win any match she played. Whenever she lost a match, her parents could start a heated argument over her. That is probably why the player asked her mother to divorce her husband.
Timea is currently engaged to her account manager Andreas Blatter. Apparently, the boyfriend is a huge fan of Wayne Gretzky and was jealous when he found out that his girlfriend took a selfie with the former hockey player.
Timea enjoying the sea breeze

Timea at the beach

Her reactions after winning the match against her opponent

Timea with her boyfriend Andreas Blattner

Timea with her boyfriend and account manager