Petra Kvitova, got boyfriend and he is also a tennis player!

Petra Kvitova is from Czech Republic. She was born roughly 27 years ago to Jiri Kvita (her father) and Pavla Kvitová (the mother). When she was only 16, she started playing tennis as her professional career. Her left hand is the one she values the most since it is the hand she uses to beat her opponents when playing.Which is why she felt bad when an intruder attacked her and disapperad into the thin air leaving her with seriuos injuries on her left hand. She had to be sidelined for a couple of months before being back on action.
Ever since she started playing tennis, she has had 3 coaches. David Kotzya,Frantisek Cermak, and her current coach, Jiri Vanek.
Petra started dating her boyfriend Adam Pavlasek when she was 21 and he was 16. Her boyfriend is also a professional tennis player. Many view Adam as the potientail husband-to-be to Petra Kvitova.

The mates taking a photo of a trophy Petra won

The lovebirds training together

Petra and Adam having intimacy moments at the training ground

The two lovebirds watching a match together

The couple sitting close to each other at the award ceremony