Louis Oosthuizen and his wife Nel-Mare are blessed with 3 daughters!

Louis Oosthuizen is a South-African professional golfer who was born on October 1982 in Mosel Bay, South Africa. The superstar has won more international tours than the PGA tours. The earlier being 14 and the latter being 1.Louis became a pro when he clocked 20 but, he started golfing when he was barely 5 thanks to his father who used to play golf back then. His highest rankings in FedEx Cup is position 7.
At the beginning of his professional career, he met Nel-Mare, a South African. She became his girlfriend for a very long time before finally becoming his wife in 2007. 2 years later, they were blessed with their first daughter Jana. Then, in 2012, Louis' wife gave birth to another baby girl whom they named Sophia. Their youngest daughter Emma is a year younger than her sister Sophia. Louis' family currently lives in Pinnacle Point, SA.
Nel-Mare kisses her husband Louis

Nel congratulates her husband with a kiss

Louis kissing his wife Nel

Nel-Mare, her husband Louis, and their daughter Jana

Louis with his wife Nel-Mare and their daughters

Louis, his wife Nel-Mare, and their 3 daughters