Jovana Jaksic's relationship with his new boyfriend Vujadin Jobic

Jovana Jaksic is a Serbian international tennis player who does her best while playing on a hard surface. She was born 23 years ago in Belgrade, Serbia. At only 8, she started holding a racket with her right hand. That is when she realized that she can play tennis comfortably. She started serious competing in 2009 and has gone ahead to win herself 15 singles and 2 doubles at the International Tennis Federation tour.
Jovan started seeing the tall handsome guy, Vujadin Jovic, who is also a Serbian, about 3 years ago. At first, Vuja had posted pictures of him with his girlfriend, Jovan, but had not revealed their status till early last year when he decided to break the news about their relationships.
 The two were seen having fun in Niagara Falls of Canada late last year. They had taken a vacation there so to speak. Here are the photos of the lovebirds in Canada.
She's is really killing it in that cowboy's hat

Vuja taking photos of her girlfriend in their apartment

Jovan Jaksic responding to some questions in a press conference

Jovan with her boyfriend Vujadin

Jovan with the boyfriend in a vacation

Jovan and Vujadin having fun

Jovan smiles for a photo shoot