Jason Day and the wife Ellie Harvey have 2 kids together!

Jason Day is a former World Number 1 professional golfer who was born on November 1987 in Beaudesert, Queensland, Australia. His father is the one who got him motivated to play golf before his untimely dead when Jason was only 12. 7 years later, after his interest in golf had grown tremendously, he became a professional golfer and started winning so many PGA Tours. In fact, he has won 10 PGA Tour victories and 1 international victory. 2015 went well for him since he won 5 PGA tours. 3 is his highest rankings that he has ever achieved in the FedEx Cup rankings.
Mr. Day made Ellie Harvey, an Ohio native, his wife in 2009. His wife gave birth to their first boy child Dash in 2012. three years later, Jason became a dad of Lucy(girl), their second child. The golfer with his wife and the kids are currently residing at Westville, Ohio, US.
Jason kissing his wife Ellie while holding his son Dash

Jason, his wife Ellie and their son Dash

Jason, his wife Ellie, and son Dash showcasing his trophy

Jason with his wife Ellie

Jason, his son Dash, and the wife Ellie

Jason, his son Dash, the daughter Lucy, and the wife Ellie
Jason hoisting a trophy with his wife Ellie