Henrik Stenson's wife Emma Lofgren, a proud mother of 3!

Henrik Stenson, the Swedish professional golfer, plays in both PGA and European Tours. He was born on April 1976 in Gothenburg, Sweden. This golfer is a real deal when it comes to winning the international tours cups since he has won 13 of them and 5 PGA Tour victories. He has ever been ranked as the best golfer in the FedeEx Cup rankings.
He was turned into a golfer by a family friend when he was 12 years old. 11 years later, he became a professional golfer and started winning the trophies mentioned above, in his tours.
Emma Lofgren is the lucky girl who married Henrik Stenson in 2006.  She was Henrik's girlfriend over 7 years. Emma, the girlfriend, was also born in Sweden just like her husband and used to be a Skier at her youth.
After tying a knot, Emma gave birth to two kids in Dubai where they had lived for 6 years before moving to the USA, and giving birth to their third child there.
Henrik with his wife Emma

Henrik having fun with his wife Emma

Henrik and wife Emma(center) in Dubai

Henrik with his wife Emma at their honeymoon
Henrik, his wife Emma, and their kids