Heather Watson has found herself a new boyfriend, Lloyd Glasspool!

Heather Watson is a British tennis superstar. she was born on May 19, 1992, to one Ian Watson (father) and Mitchelle Watson (mother) in Guernsey, UK. She started holding a racket when she was 7 and turned pro when she reached 17. She has been Britain's top tennis player for quite a while before being displaced to the second place by Johanna Konta. In her professional career, she has won 3 singles titles and 3 doubles titles on WTA tour. 
Heather used to date a tennis player Phil Stephens, who is now a banker before the two split up in 2015. However, Heather found herself a new boyfriend Llyod Glasspool. Heather's new boyfriend is a professional tennis player and also a UK-born. Lloyd starting dating his girlfriend mid last year (2016).The two lovebirds are fond of having a light wrestling scene at their home at times.
Heather wrestling her boyfriend Llyod in their house

Hather Watson conceding defeat to her boyfriend Lloyd

Heather with her boyfriend Lloyd dressed for Halloween

Heather and the boyfriend Lloyd outside their apartment

Lloyd took his girlfriend Heather for a romantic night out

Lloyd on a night out with his girlfriend Heather