Andy Roddick and his wife Brooklyn Decker has a baby now

Andy Roddick is a 34 year-old American who used to play tennis as his career before he hang his racket in 2015. He was born in Nebraska, US to one Blanche( the mother) and Jerry Roddick(his mother).
He was ranked the world's number one in 2003 after winning the Gram Slam final by beating his rival Juan Carlos Ferrero. His position as number 1 lasted for rougly a year before Rodger Federer ascended to that position after winning the Australian Open.
Roddick first met his girlfriend, Brooklyn Decker, who is now his wife, back in 2007. His agent is the one who contacted Brooklyn for him. By then, his girlfriend/wife was an actress in a show "She says Z says".Brooklyn's role is what attracted Andy's attention. The two finally got married in 2009 and their first child, a son, Hank came in 2015. While the husband retired from tennis, the wife is still playing her role of being an actress and a fashion model.
Andy with his wife Brooklyn

The couple admiring a Koala

The couple on a date

The couple roaming on the streets of Florida

The couple before buying their expensive home

The couple were full of smiles