Player wife: Spanish footballer Xavi Hernandez and his wife Nuria Cunillera

Xavi Hernandez a spanish footballer was born in 25th January 1980 in Terrassa.He is now playing for FC Barcelona.He plays for central midfielder. He played more than 150 matches for Bercelona. He started his football career at Under17 Spanish team in the year of 1997. Under his presence Spain has won FIFA 2010 World Cup and 2 EURO Cup of 2008 and 2012. Xavi's girlfriend is Nuria Cunillera is a fashion journalist . On 13 July 2013, Xavi tied with his girlfriend Nuria Cunillera. About 180 of the couple's close family and friends were in attendance for the ceremony. Nuria  and has been Xavi's partner since before the European Championship in 2012. The couple is famous  for their privacy. They spent their honeymoon in the popular  luxurious islands of Seychelles 29th of July.