Let's find out if Ronaldinho has two Wives: Girlfriend Bio

Who does not know Ronaldinho? Ronaldo de Assis Moreira, Ronaldinho Gaúcho or simply Ronaldinho, He is very wellknown to all soccer fan. Let's discover this living legend's personal information: family and wife.

    Ronaldinho Bio

  • The history of this football star begins on March 21, 1980, when little Ronaldo de Assis Moreira was born in the Brazilian town of Porto Alegre. He was born into a sport-loving family. And it was his father Joao who instilled in him a love for football, just like his older brother Roberto. 
  • Ronaldinho does not forget neither his simple origins nor the early death of his father when he was eight years old. It was an unfortunate accident that led Joao to die in the pool of the house that the Gremio Porto Alegre club had given to the family for his brother Roberto's contract.
  • Despite all these unpleasant situations that he has experienced since he was a child, Ronaldinho stomped on soccer fields around the world from the beginning. Fans consider him a true ball artist whose speed and skill allow him to triumph in his natural midfielder position.
  • Ronaldinho Denied He Is Set To Marry TWO Women At The Same Time Webp
    Ronaldinho Denies He Is Set To Marry TWO Women At The Same Time

    Ronaldinho Current Relationship Status

  • We do not know Ronaldinho's Current Relationship Status. However, in 2018, he proposed to two women together, and the women accepted his proposal.
  • It was Brazilian newspaper O Dia, they revealed Ronaldinho was going to marry his two girlfriends Beatriz Souza and Priscilla Coelho. It was rumored that he had gifted his both girlfriends engagement rings. The ceremony would take place at his £5million mansion in Rio de Janeiro. However, polygamy is illegal in Brazil and can carry a six-year jail time punishment.
  • Ronaldinho claimed that the report was fake. 
  • Ronaldinho's Ex-Girlfriends and Wife

  • Janaina Nattielle Mendes: Ronaldinho married his long-term girlfriend Janaina Nattielle Mendes in 2004. His ex-wife Janaina Nattielle Mendes was a very famous dancer back in the time. The couple split up after 3 years of marriage in 2007. Ronaldinho and Mendes have a son named Joao Mendes. 
  • Alexandra Paressant: Ronaldinho started an open relationship with Alexandra Paressantin 2006. ALEXANDRA PARESSANT was a famous model from France. The couple broke up in 2008. 
  • Sara Tommasi: Ronaldinho and Sara Tommasi were together between 2010-11. Sara Tommasi is a very famous Italian TV celebrity.  
  • Priscilla Coelho and Beatriz Souza: Ronaldinho was claimed to date Priscilla Coelho and Beatriz Souza at the same time. In 2018, there were reports which claimed that Ronaldinho is set to marry his two girlfriends at the same time. Ronaldinho claimed that the report was fake. 

  • Ronaldinho Children

  • Ronaldinho has a son named João de Assis Moreira with his ex-wife Janaina Nattielle Mendes. 
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Ronaldinho with kid
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Ronaldinho with his ex-wife

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Ronaldinho ex girlfriend
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Ronaldinho, Janaina Mendes and their kid
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Ronaldinho With Girlfriend
Ronaldinho With Girlfriend