Robinho and his Wife Vivian Still Together After Divorce and Controversy!

Brazilian footballer Robinho's full name is Robson de Souza, but he is more commonly known by his nickname. He plays as a winger, the main striker, and even an attacking midfielder. He is known for his ball control and dribbling skills. He was a part of the Brazilian team for 2 FIFA World Cups. Let's find out Robinho's current relationship, ex-wife, and kids' information.


Robinho was born to Marina da Silva Souza, and Gilvan de Souza. His mother, Marina is a caterer, who was successful in her catering business. His father used to work as a salesman before being Robinho’s professional agent. He is very close to his parents. His father and mother continue to support and always gives advice. At the very childhood, he had a keen interest in football. Although his posture was small, among all his friends, he was the most superior boy. When he was playing in a futsal team, Robinho was able to score 73 goals in one season. He made his debut with ‘Santos FC’ in the famous Brazilian league ‘Campeonato Brasileiro.’ 

Robinho and his Wife Vivian Guglielmetti

Robinho Current Relationship Status

Robinho is possibly with his ex-wife Vivian right now. We did not find any information about his relationship after his divorce. Previously he was married to his childhood girlfriend Vivian Guglielmetti. The couple got married in 2009. Two years later, in a Twitter post, Robinho confirmed that he is splitting upon his. In 2019, the Milan player posted a photo of his beloved ex-wife on his Instagram and wished her congratulations on her birthday. He wrote, " It's getting old, my Princess, Happy Birthday. Thank you for being part of my life I love you!" However, since the carnival2019, Vivian has accompanied the player in several events. On Valentine's Day, Robinho published a photo with his children's mother and confirmed the reconciliation.

Robinho Wife Vivian Guglielmetti

Robinho got married to Vivian Guglielmetti in 2009. She is also from Brazil. She is a homemaker. Robinho and Vivian Junes dated for 11 years. 

Robinho And His Wife Vivian Guglielmetti
Robinho And His Wife Vivian Guglielmetti


On December 10, 2020, the Court of Appeal in Milan, Italy, confirmed the conviction of player Robinho for the crime of sexual violence against a 22-year-old Albanian woman in a Milanese disco in 2013. The reported sentence was 9 years in prison. Robinho's lawyers appealed.

Robinho Kids

Robinho has two sons with his wife Vivian Guglielmetti. First son Robson Jr was born on 17 December 2007 in Santos and second son Gianluca was born on 20 April 2011 in São Paulo.

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Robinho and his Wife Vivian Guglielmetti
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Robinho and his son
Robinho and his Wife Vivian Guglielmetti
Robinho and his Wife Vivian Guglielmetti

Robinho Wife
Robinho and his Wife Vivian Guglielmetti
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Robinho and his baby