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Do You Know Keri Hilson is Serge Ibaka's Girlfriend?

Former Oklahoma City Thunder and Toronto's Power forward Serge Ibaka has been dating Keri Hilson since 2012.

If you are familiar with Pop Music, Keri Hilson is a R&B, Pop singer-songwriter who has a ton of good songs on her catalogue, she has won multiple awards rangin from BET to MOBO, with Nominations in the SOUL Music, Urban Awards to name a few.

Keri Hilson has also starred in a few movies (Riddick, 2013), She is truly multi-talented.
Keri & Serge

Keri Hilson Smiling

Keri Hilson

Naturalista Keri Hilson

Keri Hilson & Serge Ibaka as Egyptian Gods

Keri Hilson & Serge

Serge Ibaka & Keri