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J.R. Smith and wife surprise new mothers at Cleveland Clinic's NICU with flowers

J.R. Smith had a wonderfully unique way of telling his wife, Shirley, how special she is on Mother’s Day. But she and the Cleveland Cavaliers guard took an extra step to think of the mothers and families who might not have had the happiest of Mother’s Days this year.
The couple generously bought flowers for every mother whose baby is in the NICU at the Cleveland Clinic, and apparently it was all J.R.’s idea. Their effort was particularly personal after their youngest daughter, Dakota, was born five months early in January and weighed just one pound.
On her blog, Shirley wrote, “To all of the preemie mothers out there…you rock and keep your head all the way up!”
She added:
“My husband came up with the brilliant idea of getting all of the mothers in the NICU flowers today so we did just that. When the flowers arrived I pushed the cart and Demi placed an arrangement of flowers in every room…it was super special and we both enjoyed it."
J.R Smith is currently playing with the Cleveland Cavaliers as they plan to defend their NBA Championship. J.R Smith & Wife have 3 daughters together, the third being Born January 2017.

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