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LAPD investigating death threat against Chris Paul's wife, Jada Crawley

The LAPD is on the hunt for the social media scumbag who threatened to kill Chris Paul's wife, Jada, on Twitter,TMZ Sports has learned.
It's all over a tweet sent to Paul, which read: "@CP3 if I knew where you lived I'd probably kill your wife and frame you for it. I watch dateline I get away with it."

Clippers security saw the tweet and notified the LAPD which launched an investigation to track down the person behind the threat, but so far, no arrests have been made.

It's just the latest online issue for Chris Paul, who had already contacted cops about an Instagram troll who's been harassing him and his wife for more than a year.

According to official docs, Paul claims the troll never threatened physical harm -- but was on a campaign of cyber-humiliation by posting "annoying comments" on family pics.

Paul points out one example from Oct. '14 when the troll referred to Jada as "Jay Leno chin."
Cops are also on the hunt for that troll, no arrests have been made in that case either.
Chris Paul & Jada Crawley were high school sweethearts that got married in 2011

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